Over the past 5 years I have written 212 songs and a number of these have been recorded. My first recording projects have been with Paul Hunt. This project is ongoing and we hope to continue with this indefinitely. We call ourselves "The Purple Sound Barrier".  That was the name we used when we had a band in 7th and 8th grades.  Another former member of the band, Chronos Chesterton, also occasionally contributes keyboards or guitars.  


At this point we are depositing or songs on Soundcloud.  All of the songs here are my own compositions.  I do the lead vocals and play guitars and keyboards and bass.  Paul is the percussionist (he was our drummer in 7th grade) and now he does keyboard also and vocal harmonies. Paul also does the sound engineering.


I am also including other work with a group I have called "David Taulbee Anderson and the Love Vibrations". This is with James (guitar) and Greg (sound engineering and bass), Greg (Vocals) and Steve Haggard ( Bass) & Grant Felice (drums).


Another project is with Stewart Curtis. Stewart is playing Mandolins and sound engineering.